Handwriting Font Instructions

Windows Installation:

  1. Save the True Type Font file (YourHandwriting.ttf) to a folder on your PC
  2. Open "Control Panel" and select "Fonts" Icon
  3. Click on "File" menu option at upper-left corner of window
  4. Select "Install New Font" from drop-down menu
  5. Select the drive and folder where "YourHandwriting.ttf" file is located
  6. Select the "YourHandwriting (True Type)" font from the list of fonts
  7. Click on the "OK" button
  8. The handwriting font will now install on your computer

Handwriting Font Usage:

  1. Once the font has been installed, open the program you intend to use the handwriting font in, such as a word processer or graphics program.
  2. When you have come to the place in the document or image in which you wish to place the handwriting font, open the font selection tool and scroll down through the list of fonts until you find "YourHandwriting", and then select.
  3. Select whatever point size you need for the font (this can be changed after you type in your handwriting text in case you need it larger or smaller.)
  4. Once you have selected the font and point size, place the mouse/cursor where you wish to type, and then type in the characters you wish to use in your document.

If you are trying to embed the handwriting/font into a document such as Microsoft Word so that others can view on their computers (whereas the font is NOT already installed on their computer), be sure to check off the option to include embedded fonts within the document.