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PLEASE NOTE - Not every logo is suitable for conversion to a single or a multi-color True Type Font. We suggest that you submit your logo with this order form so that we may review your logo and determine if it suitable for conversion. We will review the logo and give you a price estimate BEFORE we do any billable work on your project. If you approve the cost estimate, we will then complete the project.

FOR BEST RESULTS - Best results on your logo conversion will depend upon the size and quality of the logo that you provide. If you have original color-separated artwork from the logo designer in larger sizes or higher resolutions, we suggest that you provide them. Any original (printed) artwork will be returned to you (in the same condition that we received it) upon your request. For smaller printed logos or low resolution graphic files, we may need to re-create the logo at a higher resolution to obtain optimum results. This will result in a higher cost for the logo design/conversion to a True Type Font. This cost will be included in the cost estimate mentioned in the previous paragraph.

SINGLE COLOR TTF LOGOS - Single Color True Type Font Logos allow you to select ANY ONE COLOR from your program's font color-selection tool, which can then be placed and/or printed on ANY ONE COLOR background that you select. Only a SINGLE keystroke will be needed to place your logo in a document or graphic file.

MULTI-COLOR TTF LOGOS - Multi-Color True Type Font Logos allow you to select TWO OR MORE COLORS from your program's font color-selection tool. Colors are not embedded in your TTF logo font file so you can select and apply any color to each element of your logo. MULTIPLE keystrokes will be needed to place your logo in a document or graphic file.

Select Logo Font Name - Please select a name for your logo font using 8 (eight) characters or less:

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Assign Character(s) for Your Logo - Please assign character(s) (A - Z, 1 - 9, etc.) you wish to assign to your logo within your logo font. Select only ONE character per color.


Logo Color Selection - Please indicate if you want a SINGLE COLOR or MULTI-COLOR TTF logo:

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